Abū Nuwās al-Ḥasan ibn Hānī al-Ḥakamī (–), known as Abū Nuwās was a classical Arabic poet. Born in the city of Ahvaz in modern-day Iran, to an Arab. For the first time ever, the khamriyyat – ‘wine songs’ – of Abbasid poet Abu Nuwas will be available in English as complete rhymes; animating. The poet in question was Abu Nuwas, whose historical exploits were later transformed into the almost magical, trickster-like antics of the legendary Abu Nuwas.

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Originally an academic scholar and professor, he was persuaded by a wandering Sufi mystic, Shams al-Din Tabrizi, to take up the Sufi life and put the love of God at the center of his existence. In poem XXII a boy’s thinness is elevated to the level of pure mysticism: A new book of translations is set to bring a classical Arabic poet into the Western imagination — and change perceptions of the Middle East with it. In Babylon, a captive seized, A merchant brought her here, A wine so fine she might have been A doe-eyed woman’s tears.

Two poems of Abu Nuwas, Islamic poet of male love | Queering the Church

abj For a nomadic people such as the Bedoin Arabs, poetry was the main reservoir of the people’s knowledge and expression of their very existence. Arab, one whose native language is Arabic. I can’t read a word of Arabic, but the translations are most enjoyable. The house of hope is built on sand, And life’s foundations rest on air; Then come, give wine into my hand, That we may make an end of care. Al-Khansa put women in a central place in her poetry. Want to Huwas saving….


What emerges is a likeable, if rather louche, character with an outrageous sense of humour, sharp wit, unaccompanied by poetyr, and considerable sensibility who let no convention save, on occasion, the order of the caliph, restrain him in his pursuit of life’s sensual pleasures. Ibn Sina and other speculative thinkers such as al-Kindi and al-Farabi combined Aristotelianism and Neoplatonism with other ideas introduced through Islam.

In the concluding retort of poem XXXII, a man’s romantic illusions are abruptly destroyed by the boy’s quintessential, ultimate put-down: Much more delicious is a glass of clear and well-chilled wine, Served by a handsome waiter whose behaviour is refined.

Chennai Dance Music Festival. I’m abbu mine of luxury — dig me. You are commenting using your WordPress. Bencheneb, ‘Lu gh z’, in The Encyclopaedia of Islamnew edn, ed. Daniel rated it liked it Sep 02, Antonio rated it it was amazing Feb 14, Trivia About Poems of Wine and Brill,s. The Quran assumes familiarity with major narratives recounted in Jewish and Christian scriptures, summarizing some, dwelling at length on others and in some cases presenting alternative accounts and interpretations of events.

Thank You for Your Contribution! Where is the man who’s never sinned and never shown dissent? Abu Nuwas is considered one of the greats of classical Arabic literature.

There is much cause for weeping here. Wikiquote has quotations related to: How to be happy, Catholic and gay.

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Free love and good wine were recurring and rather common themes in their writings. Many classic works of antiquity that might otherwise have been lost were translated into Arabic and Persian and later in turn re-translated into Turkish, Hebrew and Latin. He is particularly renowned for his poems on wine and pederasty.

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Two poems of Abu Nuwas, Islamic poet of male love

By Ola Kseroof Contributor. During this period the Arab world was a collection of cultures which put together, synthesized and significantly advanced the knowledge gained poetrg the ancient Roman, Chinese, Indian, Persian, Egyptian, Greek, Byzantine and Phoenician civilizations.

Lampoon In Arabic literature: Born of Arab father and Persian mother, he wrote fluent poetry in both languages and is regarded as one of the greatest poets of the Arabic language. He sports a short tunic abbu his slender thighs But his shirt is long of sleeve. Leone Betts rated it really liked it Jan 17, Nada Trad rated it it was amazing May 10, Hakim cites several charming anecdotes in which the very wit that got Abu Nuwas in trouble in the first place caused the exasperated Caliph to smile and forgive just as he was about to issue the order for the poet’s execution.