Madame Doubtfire by bestselling author Anne Fine is a wonderfully funny, punchy story about family life. Lydia, Christopher and Natalie are. THE words were sprawled in paint across a shop window in Edinburgh: Madame Doubtfire. Underneath, when the weather was fine, the real. Madame Doubtfire [Anne Fine] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Madame Doubtfire.

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Though readers often find themselves inadvertently laughing aloud as they read Anne Fine’s novels, as she herself admits, “a lot of my work, even for fairly young readers, raises serious social issues.

A 3 star rating to me is somewhere between a 5. Money was tight; my parents had my sister and me, then my father wanted a son.

Although the book ends on a much more ambiguous note than the reasonably-happy ending of the film, Anne Fine’s book is much more concerned with the wellbeing of children, and with giving them the message that they can survive the pain of divorce. I could see how the writers of the film were able to construct the outline of the story.

Book of the Week: Madame Doubtfire by Anne Fine

The emotionally fraught parts of it probably wouldn’t have bothered me — the family torn apart by divorce, etc, though it would bother some children — but I would have been too embarrassed by the whole charade for words, and that’s how I feel now, as an adult.


After three weeks of not taking them I suddenly felt madamw. The parents are always fighting with each other and verbally bashing each other seperately in front of the kids.

Now seems a tad immature. In the best line of the book, Lydia declares: As such, it is darker than the light-hearted family movie, with the children clearly suffering under the continuous vindictiveness of their parents, who seem to be more interested in making each other suffer than in taking care of their children on an emotional level.

I was hoping for more though Loading comments… Trouble loading? Doubtfire,” I kept protesting.

Sep 26, Nusrat Mahmood rated it liked it Shelves: Its not common to say that the movie doubtfirr better but i prefer it. Miranda comments that the house has never been run better. Alias Madame Doubtfire Paperback. Lovers of the Movie. He was even in a play years before acting as a character named Madame Doubtfire.

Subscribe to Read More to find out about similar books. Perhaps the American adaptation tries to compensate by making their Mrs Doubtfire claim she’s British She calls him Daddy For example, in this book Madame Doubtfire smokes.

I didn’t know there was a book that inspired the movie until I watched the special features of Mrs. Books by Anne Fine.

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Madame Doubtfire – Wikipedia

But the ending, well, I thought the author just took the easy way out to end the book. Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more. Maybe it pales now in comparison to the film, but the humour fell flat and it felt a little ham fisted at the end, as if written for the parents rather than children.

Their parents’ divorce has not made family life any easier in either home. I have seen the movie so many times growing up that it was hard to picture any other characters in the book.

Lydia, Christopher and Natalie Hilliard are used to domestic turmoil and have been torn between their warring parents ever since their divorce. Fine was aiming for realism by writing about a sadly common occurring family issue.

Instead they had triplet girls.

This article has multiple issues. Daniel uses this as a ploy, so that he can change out of his Mrs Doubtfire get up in between meals.

Lydia, Christopher and Natalie are used to domestic turmoil. Feb 12, Melody Vaz rated it it was amazing.