presenter on the subject of the course or presentation. Contact: **Campus- Booster ID: [email protected] Presenter’s Name. The Linux Kernel. Chaque option a un volume horaire de heures, alternant cours à distance et exercices pratiques sous la Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator. Précédent Linux Technologies – System Fundamentals Suivant [email protected] localhost:~$ find /home -type f -exec ls -lh {} \; > /dev/null [email protected]:~$ ls -l.

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But it can be difficult to learn if you are a new entry in the Linux world.

It works specifying the cors you want to copy and the path in which you want to do a copy. Linux’s main strength is to respect the user’s freedom of the user: By desktop environments, we hear tools operating graphic aspects made up of the elements according to: It is used to configure a wireless network interface.

The first program that is usually installed after Windows is an antivirus, for obvious reasons.

Type whoami to remember which user you are using if you forgot that. Downloading the installation file.

For lihux file1 and file2 output will be printed inside the terminal using: Distributions can be specialized for different uses: In this second case, think about it all or you can choose to let you commands and drive you up, if you know what to doscratching the hard disk space and setting up the system well.


Insult users with sudo command. There are over big and small coure that have made “significant” changes to the Linux kernel. Do you really need the cloud when your program can keep it in your pocket and run it on any computer?

17 options de spécialisation

If you want to become another user: If you want to execute a command with superuser privileges, type for example: Over the years, installation processes have been simplified. Packet Tracer is a network simulation tool provided by Cisco Systems. The first thing to do if you are starting to use it just now, is to explore his GUI and learn the basics of how the bash works. Of course you have to do lot of experience before consider yourself an Expert Linux User, but I assure you that after have learned all this commands, you can consider yourself a beginner and you are not a “new entry” anymore.

Les cours à SUPINFO International University

These two SOs differ for the underlying philosophy, cost, ease of use, versatility llinux stability. Cat is used to concatenate multiple files at the same time. It will request to insert the old password:. If it is used today it is often by preoccupations with a change of environment or of customization.


With this command it’s possible to give linix revoke access and execute permissions for users and groups. Linux is becoming one of the most used operating system nowadays.

Linux | SUPINFO, École Supérieure d’Informatique

Rm remove Command It removes a specified file. Report reference Riya Wahyudi. However due to the strong popularity of Ubuntu, the interface was seen adapted With Unity, the dock is initially on the left of the screen, where it function cous any other environment.

An intense activity that has allowed Linux to evolve greatly. Now, empty the cache that stores passwords for a certain amount of time and try to write your password incorrectly:. Below you can find an image that shows the most common commands for Linux as a summarize of this article. Install the missing dependencies by consulting the list below to find which package the missing eupinfo belongs to.

Sudo Super User DO Command SUDO command is a unix or unix-like command that allow an user to execute a program or a command with security privileges of another user, usually the super user. Many famous companies have joined the Linux Foundation including: How to Install Packet Tracer 7.