Movie Cube S, GB – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: 5. Below you can view and/or download the English PDF manual of your Emtec Movie Cube S Media Player. Couldn’t find the manual that you were looking for. Manufacturer: Emtec, Model: Movie Cube S, Type of document: User manual, Category: Media Player, Number of pages:

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Listening to Internet Radio In the digital era, this product is a great home entertainment partner. With the outstanding design, you can enjoy movies and music, view photos of precious moments, and record your favorite TV or movie programs and view them in your own time.

The editing function provides you with an easy way to save these. This player has the following functionality: Data Storage – works as a portable hard disk using USB 2.

Tuners are only available on the S Movie Cube We hope that this product will bring you a lot of enjoyment. We are committed to apply multimedia technology in your work, entertainment, family, daily life, car and everywhere! The actual contents in the package might be different from the packing list in this manual 1. In order to safely and effectively use this player, please read the following before usage.

When placing the adapter cable, make sure it can not get damaged or be subject to pressure. To reduce the risk of electric shock, unplug the adapter first before cleaning it.


Never connect the adapter to the player in a humid or dusty area. Under some conditions, your player might get interference. Some countries may regulate disposal of electrical device, please consult with your local authority. Please backup your data. Our company takes no responsibility for loss of data stored on the hard disk. manhal

Electronic products are vulnerable, when using please avoid shaking or hitting the player, and do a800 press the buttons too hard. In this way, you can enjoy the content in the player on TV or other display devices.

In this way, you can also enjoy videos, music, and photos in the player on TV.

EMTEC Movie Cube S800 Manuals

Language control The system language of this player can be set to English or other languages. In the setup interface is language setup, the selected language will take effect immediately.


About the Player 2. See the following for details on each button and its function: Press to shift the resolution, setup, repeat, and goto buttons to be zoom, display, timer, and browser. Press to activate tools menus: Press to enter the setup menu. Press to display current status. Press to begin recording or to resume when recording has been paused.

Press to fast rewind the current playback. While paused, the program is recorded to the internal HDD as long as the space is available. Press to activate the time shift function and wait for the play arrow to appear on the screen. Press the pause button and the program will be paused.

Press the play button to resume viewing the program. Press to enter the Electronic Program Guide which displays an on-screen list of programs for the coming week when watching 17 18 red Digital Terrestrial TV.

No function has been assigned to it yet. Press to pause the current playback.

Press mxnual to step to the next frame. Press to set repeat option – Chapter, Title or Off. Press to enter the timer menu to add, edit and delete recording schedules. Press to jump to a specific point on a title.

Specify the point using Title, Chapter and Time. Press to start playing music in the playlist. Press to enter standby mode or wake up. Receiving IR signals from the remote control. Air Flow hole 3. Video OUT jack 5. Video IN jack 7. RJ45 LAN socket Audio IN jack Left Channel 8. Audio IN jack Right Channel emttec Getting Started Power on the system, and after a few seconds, the system will enter the main interface. To return to this menu, you can also press the home button on the remote control.

Select the DVB-T icon on the main interface to enter this menu. Select the Analog TV icon on the main interface to enter this menu. Emgec the Playback icon on the main interface to access the title list menu. Press the browser button on the remote control or select the Browser icon on the main interface emtecc browse movie, photo, and music files stored either on a HDD, USB device, or Network.

Select the Library icon on the main mahual to enter this menu. Select the Internet Radio icon on the main interface to enter this menu. The following are some functional buttons on the remote control available when watching Analog TV programs. Channels cannot be switched in the recording mode.

Press the enter button to confirm. Press to start recording the current TV program. Press to activate the emteec shift emyec. Press to edit scheduled recordings. Press to zoom out the image. Ejtec following are some functional buttons on the remote control available when watching Digital TV programs. Press to switch channels. Press to switch between the last two viewed channels. Press to activate the subtitle list menu if available.


Press to activate the EPG menu if available. Press to activate dmtec Teletext menu if available. Taking the info bar in the above photo for example: When the string looks concave, the option will be available. Press the navigational and numeric buttons to view the content in the Teletext menu. To enter the menu, select the Playback icon on the main interface.

Here lists all recorded titles. A sign shows this recorded title has not been watched. Here you can see a playback progress bar of a title, the remained free space of HDD, and remained recording time of each quality.

Press the enter button on the manuql control to play the file. Press the stop or the back button on the remote control to stop playback and return to the Title List menu screen. Press the enter button to confirm and delete the file. A confirmation message appears. Press the enter button to delete the selected file. To cancel delete, select Return. Press the enter button on the remote control. The name entry screen appears. Press the navigation buttons to select letters and numbers.

Select CAPS to toggle between uppercase and lowercase manuaal. Press the enter button to input each letter or number. Once you have entered the new name, select OK and press the enter button to confirm all changes.

If you want to cancel the renaming during the process, press the back button. Press the enter button, and the menu appears. Return Select to return to the main screen. Title Number Select to sort all files according to title numbers. Recording Time A800 to sort all files according to the length of the recordings Title Name Select to sort all files alphabetically, according to title name. Fresh Titles Select to sort all files according to freshness i. Set Thumbnail Select to change a thumbnail of the selected video.

AB Erase Delete a specified clip in a title.