Vorteile des FASST-Systems (Futaba Advanced Spread Spectrum Technologie). Empfänger R Bedienungsanleitung Empfänger R HS FASST 2,4 GHz . um bis zu 20% geringer als im kalten Zustand. .. T14MZ, FX, FX TM14 2 . 4 < Introduction >. Thank you for purchasing a Futaba® FASSTestGHz* FX- 36 series digital proportional R/C system. .. 20 < Before Use >. Panel lock. 60x44x 64x28x 43x22x 52x33x Weight [g]. Antenna [ ]. dBi. 2 Sender Futaba und Hitec kompatibel. Die Anleitung zum.

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Futaba Empfänger RSB FASST GHz Bedienungsanleitung |

Switch off in the reverse order. If a range of only 40 m or less is reached, on no account should the model be started. Glosstex – 27″x2m mm x 2m. The use of antistatic sprays e. On no account use anything containing metal camping table, etc.

Also check correct direction of rotation of the control functions.

Wir empfehlen Ihnen deshalb mit der entsprechenden Umsicht zu handeln und folgende Hinweise zu beachten: We immediately began to evaluate the backlog of Futaba parts and service requests, completing what could be done with available parts. Check functions before starting up!

A major change in the Directive is the abolition of the approval. Select mode A or mode B as described below. Die Servosignale am normalen Servoausgang Kanal Dispose of the equipment at your local municipal collection anleotung or recycling centre. Fuel Tanks and Accessories. Gegebenenfalls einen Helfer zur Hand nehmen, welcher in gewissem Abstand die Ruderfunktion beobachtet. Sealed Lead Acid Batteries. Additional information on other RC components The above recommendations are beneficial not only to receivers but also to other electronic components.


Der eingestellte Mode wird durch Blinksequenzen angezeigt Mode A: BUS Ausgang A channel number can be allocated to the servos also via the receiver. The power consumption of a standard servo fs between mA and mA with the motor running and approx.

A second battery connection should be provided on the connector strip of the receiver for higher power requirements. Proceed as follows to set a mode: Ball Bearings Carbon Carbon Rod.

Plastruct Open Webb Truss. With this program you can additionally program functions such as servo mid-point adjustment, end-point adjustment, servo speed, start-off characteristics, etc.

Slowly move away from the model while slowly but continuously controlling a rudder function. Remedy the problem by ensuring that all the steps described above have been carried out.

Thunder Tiger Boat Spares.

Futaba Empfänger R6108SB FASST 2.4GHz Bedienungsanleitung

The pulse telegram additionally contains the direction and travel of all 18 servo channels as well as the channel address. During the guarantee period we will rectify any functional defects, production faults or materials flaws at no cost to you.


ESC Brushed – Boats. The integrated SD card slot allows you to store model data and software updates for future helping to make the FX36 future-proof. Futaba Crystals – 35Mhz FM. NOR Normal or Hold mode. A discharged battery in the receiver system is identified by distinctly slower servo movements. Solarflim Polyester 27″x2m mm x 2m.

Futaba® – Contact Us

Send your device to the Service Centre responsible for your country. Allerdings ergibt sich dadurch der Nachteil, dass u. It may be necessary to set Normal Hold mode for certain models. Bewegt sich ein Servo in die falsche Richtung, muss der Drehsinn umgedreht werden.

The range is approx. Likewise, there should be no conductive materials in the vicinity fences, cars, etc. Black Horse Aircraft Spares. Ob der Einsatz eines solchen Filters erforderlich ist zeigt ein Reichweitentest. ST Model Rx 2. The specified values are, of course, theoretical limits and in practical applications receivers can easily cope with considerably higher ambient temperatures approx.