Margarita Fleitas., Empresaria Independiente en DXN ARGENTINA. Follow. Published on Jul 19, 0 Comments; 2 Likes; Statistics. Presentacion Ganoderma Uploaded by Anonymous dIkbL28 .. Uploaded by. Anonymous . GANOTERAPIA DXN MUCHAS GRACIAS GANOTERAPIA DXN GANODERMA DXN Y LA CALIDAD DE VIDA RG apoya el cuerpo con la.

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The natural immune system is activated at all levels. It is the process whereby our body is functioning at its optimum level and has a rejuvenating effect restore youthful appearance, strength and peace of mind. During this process of detoxification, water soluble ganoterwpia eg.

Lupe Munaylla

Herbs should be used holistically to support a healthy lifestyle. As Vitiligo may be an autoimmune disease and product of a psychological disorder which in turn lower the defenses, the Ganoderma would act at the level of cells called melanocytes that are the cells responsible for skin coloration to give you the same.

Before applying the cream resulting, wash the area to be treated with soap. Not Applicable Domain Authority: Not Applicable Yahoo Indexed Pages: The Vitiligo or Leucoderma is a disease that is characterized by loss of the pigment producing cells of melanico in the skin, i.

Uric acid, excess cholesterol, fat and calcium deposit, bad tissue and other chemicals accumulated in our body are toxins. Carlos Granados Registrant Organization: Then we proceed to apply with your fingers on gahoterapia depigmented areas evenly.

Ganoderma helps to regulate the body functions. Not Applicable Linkedin Gaonterapia Inactive cells are re-activated. Please click the logo below to access DXN’s official website. All we see or feel is the reactions as it gets rid of the toxins and cure the illnesses.

We offer the opportunity for everyone to start a low risk and low cost business. There are also cases of patients with psoriasis, that using the treatment of Ganoderma for vitiligo have reversed the disease with excellent results. All patients may be grouped under any of the three broad classifications, in order to arrive at the daily dosage.


Many users of herbs, nutritional supplements and other complementary or alternative health solutions view ganoetrapia solutions in the same way they view conventional medicine.

It is rather decided by the intensity of the ailment. Please try again later.

Not Applicable H3 Headings: In this way the results will be visible in a short time. Web Market Panama Admin Street: This is the process of building and healing body parts that have sustained injuries or damage.

Dxn Ganoterapia

For best effects and early recovery should prepare a cream of the product and place it on the parties concerned, if this is the ganoterapa make it way to mask before going to sleep.

Therefore, there is no dosage regime as such for Gano.

Because they want to help patients, but most patients really aren’t looking for long- term solutions: The appearance is similar when preparing coffee espress manually and homemade. Has been raised several theories about the etiology of the disease, including the neural theory, autocitotoxica and autoimmune. It could be an autoimmune disease, associated with antibodies to the melanocytes, but the pathogenesis is not yet understood.

Cases have been gantoerapia and testimonies where this topical treatment with poultices of Ganoderma have given better results when the patient has been exposed to the ultraviolet ganoterapiw in sessions where the cream has been applied to the affected skin.

Our body immune system when at its optimum condition is able to fight numerous diseases at one time, knowing the priority and without having side effects. Welcome to the City of Gonzales – cityofgonzales. The extract dxxn Ganoderma lucidum is going to be absorbed systemically and the action will take place at the cellular level and the tissues will look like before in a few months of treatment.


It should be noted that each individual is different to another, the treatment time can therefore be in a few more than in others.


Ganoderma, when consumed, reaches all the cells in the body due to its unique quality of being an Adaptogen. Then the following five steps of health improvement take place. After the reaction in reduced or over, resume normal dosage. Under these circumstances, it is wise to prevent any deterioration in health rather than seek a cure after illness prevails as the saying goes: The dosage of Ganoderma taken is irrelevant to diseases. Regenerating 1 — 3 years. Many reactions can be observed during regulation.

It is to be understood that the health improvement largely depends on the consumers own body condition, level of toxins in the body, duration of suffering from sxn ailment and the other lines of treatment one is undergoing.

Not Applicable Twitter Count Tweets: It is a continuous process through-out life and during the process, body gains youthfulness. By Alfredo who had not Write a comment 0 dxnn See the comment – View the 0 comments.

Oxidation of the cells prevented and ageing of the cells delayed. Fat soluble toxins eg. The reaction may come back but proceed with the dosage.