The son-in-law of the Carlo Delcroix of The Cantos, Giano Accame was a journalist and writer on politics and economics associated with the more progressive. Giano Accame. Translator’s note: Notes and quotations from English sources have been replaced with the originals; the author’s first name is supplied where. Giano. 0 references. date of birth. 30 July Gregorian. 0 references. place of birth · Stuttgart. 1 reference. imported from Wikimedia project · Italian Wikipedia.

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Like Ruskin, he was more interested in the social function of the artist and the craftsman.

Giano Accame | Paideuma

I never knew anything of his religious convictions. Like Pound, he was convinced that it was not at all utopian to imagine an era of abundance and that only the poor organization of labor and distribution was the cause of poverty. Out accwme coldness of heart, the narrator explains, Gobseck was more an atheist than a layman: As portrayer of his contemporaries and as statistician of the relative, Gianl devoted the minutest study to the moral, political, and aesthetic values of things.

Though not particularly sensitive in his feelings, the husband, behind his stock of pledge goods, conserves noble traits.

Is money to be gathered? Idee giaonp.

RSI Giano Accame

The sympathies of the author are for Raskolnikov, the student assassin, who until the eve of the confession that will send him to Siberia refuses to believe it a crime to have “killed a vile, pernicious louse, a little old money-lending crone who was of no use to anyone, to kill whom is worth forty sins forgiven, who sucked the life-sap from the poor.

In Canto xi, where he explains the moral order of the Inferno, Dante asks Virgil why usury is violence against God. Least of all can the artist forgo it; and Balzac, burdened as he was for a lifetime with debts, knew this from bitter experience.


Ezra Pound, Idee fondamentali [ Fundamental Ideas ], ed. Behold the beast who bears the pointed tail, who crosses mountains, shatters weapons, walls Behold the one whose stench fills all the world! Bollati Boringhieri, xvii.

Giano Accame : Chapter 1: Art and Usury from Dante to Pound [ Pounds]

Pound believed that fiction and drama were useful for understanding economics. Pound, Idee fondamentali accam Tim Redman calls Guild Socialism “a variant [of left syndicalism] deriving from the English craft tradition advocated by such writers as William Morris and John Ruskin.

Contro L’usura as it appeared in FlashPoint Ferdinando Galiani, Della monetaMilan: And Alyona Ivanovna, the loanshark in Crime and Punishmentbelongs to the privileged class of the Tsarist bureaucracy, for she is the widow of a small clerk. If being human and sociable, is a religion, we can consider him an atheist. Stefan Zweig, Three Masters: But even heavy usury does not offend the will of God as grievously as the appropriation of that fruit which makes the hearts of monks go mad with greed.

Inseventy years after The Wealth of NationsRuskin published The Political Economy of Artcandidly warning his readers “I have never read any author on political economy except Adam Smith, twenty years ago. Balzac was the first to demonstrate boldly and fearlessly that money dovetails into the noblest, ginao finest, the most spiritual of feelings.

These writers belong to a special vein of the English tradition in which philanthropy claims to speak ex cathedra and give lessons on economics from the perspective of aesthetics. Dante, conservator tied to an ancient class and noble customs, lamented: But it is Stefan Zweig who has examined at length the reasons why the first great modern novelist in a society where secularization had left the power of the economic interests unchecked and the powerful minister Francois Guizot had invited one and all to enrich themselves possessed such curiosity about money: The son-in-law of the Carlo Delcroix of The CantosGiano Accame was a journalist and writer on politics and economics associated with the more progressive section of the M.


Newcomers to the city and quick gains have brought excess and arrogance to you, O Florence, and you weep for it already.

Shylock hates the generous Venetian merchant Antonio, who accame not lend money at interest, I hate him for he is a Christian; But more for that in low simplicity He lends out money gratis, and brings down The rate of usance here with us in Venice. By the evening of the same day he had been arrested, Fascism and the R. Money circulates in these novels.

Here, however, what is most important is to understand the English tradition to which Pound belongs, a tradition which fiano beyond the general tendency of European literature to include socio-economic subjects, but mostly from a philanthropic rather than strictly economic perspective.

Cursed be my tribe, If I forgive him! The artist cannot ignore the economic element anymore than in the past he could ignore the troubles of theology, the topography of hell, or the struggles of religion.