Black Kiss has ratings and 41 reviews. Ryan said: Had a lot of trouble getting through this one. And it wasn’t because of the very graphic content. T. Howard Chaykin’s Black Kiss (Adult Comics) (): Howard Chaykin’s Black Kiss is hardboiled, erotic tour-de-force now available from. Howard Chaykin’s controversial series sees a new life at Dynamite, bringing its sexed-up story of vampires, pornography and classic noir.

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Black Kiss

None of them have enough depth to be either liked or disliked. Sex, Violence and Vampires? An influence on everyone from Bob Peak to Richard Amsel, and everyone in between.

Many comics, in presenting period material, seem to be either generic, or simply based on stills from movies about this period or that. Website for moms seeking advice, community, and entertainment. Banning it will surely only make it more desirable?

I also believe that web comics are the future of comics, a future ksis little or no room for me, since I produce a page-designed product, and web comics are aspect-ratio based. Retrieved from ” https: The following interview contains preview images chakyin may not be appropriate for all ages or workplaces.

But I am going to try He then replies at length as his car is depicted driving off in the distance.

Apr 21, Artur Coelho rated it it was ok. Retrieved April 1, Had a lot of trouble getting through this one. The artwork is also a mess. However, chaykinn series attracted praise for bringing the hard-boiled crime genre back into comics, and Chaykin himself was appreciated for his storytelling techniques. Sep 03, Cagne rated it it was ok Shelves: South Regional Design Awards Winners And, yes very, very hot.


Lists with This Book. But those beautiful bold lines are nice to see. Each and every one is a ruthless criminal, a sexual deviant, or both. It’s been, probably on a per-page basis, the most profitable book I’ve ever done.

Re-read for the first time since its original publication 25 years ago. But Pollack’s late homecoming is even further delayed by a most unusual and beautiful hitchhiker in distress.

Howard Chaykin’s Black Kiss

Howard Chaykin’s groundbreaking series opened the floodgate for x-rated comics by respected cartoonists. Diamond is a company whose owner is a guy who asked me — and I presume others — to pray for the election of John McCain in Add the numerous one-sided conversations in this story, and you’ll be doing a lot of backtracking to sort out what the heck just happened. Interested in creating comics? It’s not really a night town.

Back then, there were issues, and I’m sure there will still be issues today. However The Order want the reel of film as it shows Beverly Grove and Bubba Kenton together in a pornographic film which shows that Grove is much older than she claims to be to the world.

This is the obvious in retrospect downside to using such a convoluted method to try and dispose of an incriminating piece of evidence.

His lively, innovative page layouts have also been praised for their mastery of design composition. This is a beautiful book, Chaykin’s story crackles and purrs alternately like a seductress with a sidearm not knowing if she wants to kiss you or kill you. What makes it so well timed and memorable is that Pollack’s soon to be ex-wife and chaykiin were being knocked off while chaykni was getting popped off.


I think that paranoia is a part and parcel hoaard ‘Black Kiss. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. The characters were paint-by-numbers cliches, although the plot reveal was surprising I had no background knowledge of the story whatsoever.

The plot was hard to follow, or the panels too busy. Black Kiss is a hardboiled erotic American comic book limited series written and drawn by Howard Chaykinwhich was originally published in by Vortex Comics.

I thought I’d be back in a couple of years. It was disjointed, confusing and hackneyed.

Howard Chaykin’s Black Kiss (Adult Comics) () – GetComics

I could only read this a chapter or two at a time, by the way. And while the artist now lives well outside Los Angeles city limits, he still feels enough of a connection to “Black Kiss” that he plans on preparing more stories set in that world in the future. People aren’t getting worked up about this sort of stuff anymore. This would make a back B-movie sexploitation horror flick, like terrific, but it just doesn’t have the mileage in this format.