I just bought a HydranOx kit for my truck that adds a small amount of hydrogen to the air intake. The company claims it will give up to 20%. I’ve been looking, too. There are a small variety of H2 systems out there. This one is interesting in that they claim to be able to separate the H2 & O. I am no. Anyone have experience with this technical gizmo? http://hydranoxcom/ I did a search on this forum for “hydranox”, but didn’t find anything.

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User Name Remember Me? November 23rd, hydeanox, Anyone have experience with this technical gizmo? It looks like another case of snake oil, but there’s always a chance that something like this actually works. Jimmy, you could be the first in the know.

Let us hear your impressions! HydranOx feeds your engine hydrogen over 30 cubic inches an hour.

November 24th, I have no thoughts about efficacy. Too bad that it broke pretty quickly Click on username for E mail address. PMs are turned off!!!

Damajer (u/Damajer) – Reddit

The only way you would see a benefit is if it improves the way the gasoline burns. To make things simpler, I’ll convert to BTUs: So, it uses about 1, times as much energy as it produces in hydrogen. Still have 3 TDIs in the family fleet.

This is just to stuped to be true. When you absolutly want to use hydrogen, I heard of some kind’a weird sponge technoligy were you could store plenty of hydrogen at low pressures. Dyno’d areaOld VNT20 setup dyno’d whp. November 26th, I watched the report from Fox 5000, which is on the http: They installed it in 4 vehicles used as patrol cars. They reported the two SUVs experienced increase in both power and economy.

The crown victorias experienced only an increase in power. Later in the broadcast, a company official claimed the reason was the computer chip negates the effect of the hydrogen, or something like that.

He also claimed this device will work in diesel engines increasing both power and fuel efficiency.

I must admit, it’s tempting to try one out in the TDI. The old website brings up the Foxnews video right away: November 28th, Andrew Pouring of www. I listened to the promo and it is worthless. Field tests are notoriously inaccurate.

Only controlled lab tests will give the results that can be believed. There have been some research publications on adding H2 to the intake with mixed results but I have not 50000 followed up on them.


I love how the ‘Research and Development’ link takes you to the order form. December 12th, Looks like something similar has been discussed before: Just as much garbage now as it was then, too!

This is the best de-bunking thread on ALL of these so-called hydrogen-boosters: Find More Posts by GoFaster. Hydrogen is used in engine development to test lean burn characteristics of gasoline engines.

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We all know that a gasoline engine when running too lean will run high EGT’s, and lead to valve damage, and too lean will cause misfire. The cool thing is under light loading and using hydrogen as a supplement in the intake, you can run leaner than Once you got up over the hump, the EGT’s will actually start to come back down to a safe level.

The hydrogen’s ease of ignition is the only benefit in this scenario. A practical application of this phenomenon would be under light load cruise, where you hydrsnox run your afr up into an extreme lean state safely. Hydrogen will not add power, the air it displaces is more valuable then the equivalent ‘fuel’ you get from the small amounts of hydrogen gas.

Now if it was liquid hydrogen until it hit the chamber, that could be a different story, but you’re not going to see a kit bydranox that in the near future.

That being said, since we need no further help running lean on a diesel engine, I would say this is completely inapplicable to the TDI. Nor would 0500 be of any use on a stock gasser that has not been professionally setup to take advantage of ‘lean burn’ cruise. I think it is a complete waste of money as it is being marketed and implemented by this company. Find More Posts by kd8cgo. The overwhelming majority of current gasoline engine must run at or near stoichiometric, and are regulated to a very tight AFR band near stoichiometric via an O2 sensor, so a discussion about lean burn is not germane to the benefits of hydrogen injection devices retrofitted to current engines as these products do.

However, that being said, hydrogen injection in useful quantities can and will aid gasoline engine combustion near the lean limit because hydrogen has an exceptionally high laminar flame velocity, and as already stated, a very wide flammability range.

HYDRANOX Trademark – Serial Number :: Justia Trademarks

This will shorten the end-of-combustion timing from TDC and therefore improve the indicated efficiency, because the cycle operates closer to a constant-volume cycle than would otherwise be the case of slow, lean combustion. It would also extend the misfire limit, but only IF the engine is running close to that limit. An engine that is running stoichiometric or rich, I don’t believe, will see any noticeable improvement. For Diesel applications, the danger is that hydrogen has a low-autoignition temperature, and could pre-ignite before the piston reaches TDC.


This greatly increases cylinder pressures and produces negative work. However, some gain can be realised if, like in the gasoline engine illustrated hyfranox, the combustion duration could be shortened, such that the cycle operates as hydranos as possible to a constant-volume process.

How much could be gained? BUT, this cannot happen given hydanox rate of hydrogen generated and burned in the engine, as has been calculated from some claims one gallon of water consumed per miles. I have calculated here that these devices that consume one gallon hhdranox water per miles, produce hydrogen at a rate of the order of parts per million 0. In other words, unless these devices produce and burn a whole lot more hydrogen, they ain’t hyeranox and don’t make a hill of beans of difference.

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Anyone use or heard of Hydranox 5000?

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