The constitution is the supreme law of the country and all other laws are subordinate to it. Any laws inconsistent with the constitution are declared void to the. Jan 15, Interim Constitution of Nepal (), which has been made through a political understanding and to be in force until a new constitution is. Apr 10, The Interim Constitution as published here includes the changes made by the five amending Acts –the Interim Constitution of Nepal (First.

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It consisted of 7 parts, 73 articles and 3 schedules. The corrupt and the killers will for an interim parliament and virtually everything in Nepal will come under either these bunch of thugs or under the fatter bunch of thugs who will form the cabinet.

Every costitution shall have a right to live with dignity and no law shall be made which provides for capital punishment. Any thing, service or benefits that is produced or distributed, anyone shall not be denied from purchasing or getting those services, benefits or things nor shall those things, services or benefits be sold or distributed to certain special caste or race.

Could pls send us the Nepali xonstitution of interim constitution of federal democratic republic Nepal with fifth amendment. The constitution is largely written in gender neutral terms.

The Interim Constitution of Nepal – ( AD) Part I – English | Canada Foundation for Nepal

The Nepal Government shall make available the necessary employees required to execute the work of the Constituent Assembly. Whether people want to believe on god or not is their business, not yours. The State shall pursue the policy of increasing participation of the Labour force, the chief socio-economic force in the country, in the management of enterprises by providing employment, ensuring their right to work, and prioritizing their right and interest.


No person shall be arrested without a clarification notice.

No proceedings shall be initiated in any court against any person for publication of any document, report, vote or proceeding which is made under the authority provided by this Constituent Assembly. The State shall pursue a policy of constitutino basic infrastructure to impart technical education, training and orientation to farmers, labourers, and the class dependent on manual work, and seek their participation in the development process of the country.

Highlights: Interim Constitution of Nepal 2063

Views Read Edit View history. The formation of such a Secretariat or other related issues shall be as determined by the law. The State shall not discriminate among citizens on grounds of religion, race, sex, caste, tribe, or ideological conviction or any of these. Build a common development strategy for socio-economic transformation, social justice, and rapid economic progress and prosperity of the country.

No discrimination shall be made against any citizen in the application of general laws on grounds of religion, race, sex, caste, tribe or ideological conviction or any of these. What are the fundamental priciples that must be adhered to? Who named us nepali anyway?

Interin main characteristics of Interim Constitution of Nepal are as follows source eKantipur. Even Judiciary in its control and can change the judical decision. Of course from the durbariyas if not the king and his family itself.

The Interim Constitution of Nepal – 2063 (2007 AD) Part I – English

Every person has the right to be informed about the proceedings of the trail. Again following the democracy movement in Nepal, Interim Constitution was promulgated in Any Minister, Minister of State or Assistant Minister who is not the member of Legislative-Parliament can attend the constituyion of the Legislative-Parliament or any of its Committee meetings.


See how we shut the muslims up in Mumbai, not one can some out and say a word. Changing everything does not change the lives of Nepalese people. The Speaker and Deputy Speaker positions of the Legislative-Parliament shall become vacant in the following circumstances: It is the Nfpal system of governance can help people become prosperious.

Constitution of Nepal – Wikipedia

Every citizen shall have the right to free basic health service in accordance with the provision made by the government in the law. Then we move ahead to make yet another constitution. No person shall be prosecuted or punished for the same offence in a court of law more than once. While presenting annual estimates pursuant to Clause 1the statement of expenses allocated to each Ministry in the previous financial year and particulars of whether the objectives of the expenses were achieved or not shall also be presented.

I mean, throwig a few words does NOT prove…. No person who is detained during investigation or for enquiry or for trial or for any other reason shall be subjected to physical or mental torture, nor shall be given any cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment.