Way of the Scorpion is a sourcebook designed to help a Game Master flesh out his own vision of Rokugan’s most cunning Clan. The Scorpions could also be. crowded corner, I-Ie was tall for a Scorpion, and his face was .. Welcome to the fifth book in our Way of the appendices deals with the ninja of Rokugan, lf. Way of the Scorpion could refer to: Legend of the Five Rings · Way of the Tiger · Disambiguation icon. Disambiguation page providing links to articles with similar .

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Powerful and influential, their playstyle mirrors their reputation.

They have a reputation for unearthing what people would hope stayed buried, and burying those who stand in their way. I’ve forgotten my password Password. Way of the Scorpion. Several functions may not work. Deckbuilder Cards Decks Forums.

Having taken up the mask of villainy for the good of the empire, they are masters of scropion and treachery. Search anything and hit enter.

December 29th — Imperial Knights Dethroned. As you can see, Scorpion Clan always has a trick up their sleeves when facing down any conflict.

Deck Builder Cards Decks Forums. Way of the Scorpion Submitted Guest– Last updated The Way of the Scorpion is to dishonor an enemy.


L5R: Feel the Sting of Scorpion Clan – Bell of Lost Souls

A big chunk of their core mechanic is their ability to either dishonor or lower the skills of any given opponent. The Scorpion Clan is every bit as venomous as their namesake. Subscribe to Our Free Newsletter. Conquest A Game of Thrones 2nd Edition. Game of Thrones Call of Cthulhu Warhammer: To go up thf the Scorpion Clan is to if dishonor, to be assailed by deceit, and to see the l5e skills you thought would help you defeat them be turned against you in the name socrpion victory and the salvation of the Emerald Empire.

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As you might expect, Scorpions are the masters of tricks. And of manipulating the honor available to their opponents—which can help offset the cost of going first in order to seize the tide of battle. You currently have javascript disabled. The trick is to keep your opponent off-balance as best as possible because a number of their characters are very specialized.


Community Forum Software by IP. Netrunner Star Wars Warhammer 40, Crimson Fists Rules Leaked. During a conflict, choose a participating non-[Scorpion] character — dishonor that character.

The Way of the Scorpion

With the vast array of debuffs available to the Scorpions, no character is truly safe when participating in a conflict with Bayushi Shoju. The Scorpion Clan wield lies, blackmail, and poison as easily as a sword—and are just as deadly with either. He is a master of political conflict and is adept at outmaneuvering even the most skilled courtiers.

Zambrano August 18, Facing the Scorpion is qay what it seems, after all. Now the Clans have been revealed—the time to vie for the fate of the Emerald Empire is nigh! But Scorpion has many ways of ensuring that they always have the cards they need close to hand.

At any rate, this is but a sampling of the subterfuge available to the Scorpions. Scorppion in anonymously Don’t add me to the active users list. Deckbuilder Cards Decks Forums Collection. Invasion Lord of the Rings Android: Feel the Sting of Scorpion Clan J.