Some few Luhya Proverbs you did not know. 1. Anavulekwa yirha imbongo. 2. Chenda kalaa yola mumbo. 3. Buli akhashere nobufira bwakho 4. Abachesi babili. Popular luhya proverbs and sayings from mulembe nation with titbits and stories that unraveal their meaning. Maragoli proverbs, Bukusu proverbs, Idakho. It’s not often that one can link African oral literature with the modern science of epidemiology. Such an intricate exercise. Continue reading · Luhya Culture.

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It is used to encourage people to continue pressing on until to the end because the last moments are tough than the beginning.

Previous Luo Tribe Facts: When doing things with one hand the right one should be used as the left hand is unlucky. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The proverb is used to discourage those who force other people to hear their advice. To avert the danger which the owl portents, he is driven away with a firebrand.

Luhya Proverbs of Kenya – All Things Kenyan

Eshibishe neshilie A saving will be useful one day — Food that is stored will be eaten when needed most 5. The eyes of the in-law belittle what they have seen. Yuyukhana yayia menoo- in English the person who hurry to eat hot food his teeth is burnt.

Burerere sebuli ne omwami ta — sleepiness has no king. If two people while working in their gardens collide their hoes by accident, this is considered a bad omen indicating they prverbs quarrel over their land. Also means that if one unable to hear the advice then waits until they face consequences of not listening to the advice. Some are influenced by locale, others by the spirit of the times, most by indigenous cultures.

19 Funny Kenyan Proverbs That’ll Leave You On The Floor

Low Cost of Maintenance: Members of a clan share one ancestor and quite often, you can find women and men from one clan in other Luhya sub-tribes. Provers than being beautiful, if you marry from the western part of Kenya, particularly from the Luhya tribe, rest proversb that they will not leave you during both thin and thick moments of your life.


Other popular gospel music from this place are Lisaala Lirelanga Vuyaanzi Prayers bring love amongst peopleand Musamaria Good Samaritan. Vivamus venenatis, dui ac semper pellentesque, erat ex fringilla justo, sit amet viverra odio arcu nec justo. Awomwana yeyere olwoba, akalukhangaho If a child uproots a mushroom, he will go back the next day Among the Bukusu, the Number 7 provrrbs regarded unlucky while in other parts of Luhyaland, it is taboo to kill a python.

It is said that by doing so, you are throwing pfoverbs luck of getting wealthy out. Superstitions and taboos observed among the Luhya The Luhya believed that the outcome of an undertaking or important event that will happen luuhya the near future could be foretold by omens or portents.

If somebody sets out to see someone over an important matter and while on the way he hers a certain bird singing on his left, that is regarded as ominous and he must return home and postpone the journey.

Luhya Proverbs and Sayings

So this proverb was used to warn people that advice from others can help them avoid shameful act especially at respectable place or occasion. The Luhya tribe, like any other community in Kenya, has common names. Is encourages people to ask and communicate with one another. All Things Kenyan mod said: The following are some of the common presages: There is a proverb which runs: The proverb is used to warn people over shameful behavior that when advised they take no action.

Most people from within and outside the Luhya nation refer them as wife material. Mulogoli migrated south and made his home at Mungoma -caves at the foot of the Maragoli hills in south Maragoli, present day Vihiga county – with his wife Khaliyesa. Among the Wanga, however, it is considered lucky to stumble with the left foot when going out on a journey but unlucky to stumble with the right. State of ritual contamination: Skip to content There is a lot we have, can and will mourn about the erosion of Mulembe nation’s ever giving body of folklore.


The variance in comprehension depends on how close in interaction one sub-tribe is to the other. Apart from these presages which happen by chance, people also believe in lucky or unlucky events and objects over which they can partly or fully control. Were wa Bulinji said: While the Isukha speaks faster, the Idakho are slower.

Here are their oral traditions in form of proverbs and sayings told as stories and as utilized in context in various texts on this website. It encourages people though is good to believe in supernatural God but a man has his role to play than sitting and waiting miracles to happen.

Tag: Maragoli Sayings & Proverbs

Wetsa-khulia The one who came to eat — nickname for younger wives who marry when the man has acquired wealth Abanyala ba Ndombi and Abanyala. Also it is used to warn lhhya especially those who like grabbing everything for example a child can touch hot sufuria or drink hot porridge because he likes taking things without cautions.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The luyya of colonial administration in Kenya in the late s and early s saw geographical boundaries imposed in the Western region of the country.

It also brings bad luck to a person if one passes behind his back instead of in front of him as this is likewise thought to sap his strength.

Elgon Masabathe umbilical cord of Bukusu clans terminates in modern day Eastern Uganda among the Masaba people. I have two more to add on the list: