Japanese Riichi Yaku List Hand Composition Yaku All Simples – Tanyao – (1) • Hand must not contain terminals, or 1’s or 9’s Triplet of Dragons, Round Wind. Yaku are hand patterns and/or luck situations in rīchi mahjong. To win a hand, besides it being a complete hand, it must have at least one scoring element. Mahjong on selfdraw (Tsumo). A player who has at least one yaku, can always declare mahjong, even if he is furiten. Riichi. Waiting on a concealed hand.

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Regardless of the value of the extra tile, this is always a standard mahjong hand of four melds and a pair, as shown in the animation below. Players can choose the composition so that the value of the hand becomes the highest. Furthermore, the hand must be waiting for multiple winning tiles that can yaou a sequence, [6] such as having number 2 and 3 and waiting for 1 or 4; if the hand is in a closed, edge, or pair wait, it is worth two points, thus violating the no-points condition. When this hand has a shanpon pattern and the win is via ron, then it would not be counted as such; only as the lesser toitoi with sanankou.

Japanese Mahjong yaku – Wikipedia

Depending on rules, the hand needs or does not need other yaku. When draws occur after ready hand declarations, any riichi deposits carry-over and are placed near the counterswith the next winner receiving those riichi deposits. English equivalent names are given for easier understanding of the yaku that aren’t said often in the anime, and for communicating these yaku to others when playing other variations of mahjong.


Claiming a riichi discard If another player claims a riichi discard to make open melds, the player who declared ready discards the next tile sideways. All yaku can be divided into seven basic categories, depending on the dominant feature.

If a player can declare ready within the first go-around of a hand, they can call ” daburu riichi ” to declare a double ready for two han instead of one. Japanese-language versionApril 4, The current Saki tournament rules don’t award double yakuman s, although 1. A hand ysku four number triplets or quads in one suit with successive numbers. This is the seven pair variation to all honors. The hand consists of all terminals and honors.

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However, possession of dora are not considered as yaku, even though they provide han. The following yaku are all optional. Otherwise, the player may continue to play with a ready hand without making a declaration. Mahjony following three yakuman s involve winning in the first go-around. The hand contains tiles from one suit and honors. Any player who draws a winning tile with a closed mshjong is awarded this yaku. The honors can be two or more sets.

Any interruptions, including a declaration of a closed kanends the first go-around.

Open hands are not applicable. At the time, another player can win on the tile, namely, they can “rob” that tile. Unlike poker, yaku types do not supercede each other. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help.


Each yaku has a specific han value. This page was last modified on 28 Decemberat Some yaku can be combined for it, using dora tiles if a hand has nahjong.

In order to win any hand in this game, a player requires at least one yaku.

Calling for another player’s discard to make a meld makes the meld and the hand open. If no requirement is stated, the hand can be open or closed and the yaku is worth the same number of han mahmong either case. The hand is composed of nothing but all terminals and honors.

Optional yaku

When a player declares a quad, they must draw a supplemental tile from the dead wall to keep the number of tiles in the hand consistent. This yaku is often called reach because its Japanese name is phonetically similar to the English word. When the han value is four or less, fu is also counted.

Japanese-language versionMarch 10, The hand of ryanpeikou does not count as including seven pairs. Haitei raoyue means “to scoop up the reflected moon from the seabed. All tile groups contain at least 1 terminal or honor.